The Public Defender of Rights
Complaints about Authorities

Complaints about Authorities

Ombudsman protects persons against the incorrect or illegal conduct of state authorities or against their inactivity.

The Defender can be addressed by persons with complaints about all authorities that perform state administration (ministries, regional, metropolitan or municipal authorities, other specialized authorities – e.g. educational, mining, etc.).

The Defender is independent and impartial – he does not yield to political pressures and is accountable only to the House of Deputies. While conducting inquiries into complaints, he is entitled to inspect official or court documents, request authorities to provide explanations, and he can conduct local inquiries without prior notification, and so on. Thanks to these powers, he is able to analyse a problem in a thorough way, uncover its causes and propose solutions. Although he is not entitled to issue decisions, cancel or change erroneous decisions of authorities, in most cases his inquiries lead to a successful conclusion and authorities usually remedy their errors themselves.

In this section you will find information about how to lodge a complaint to the Defender, where the Defender can assist and where he cannot, what authorities and institutions the complaints can concern, or how inquires are conducted. The Defender also publishes some fundamental statements containing his legal opinion and reasoning.


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