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Do you wish to complain?

Where the Defender can assist and where he can’t

He can assist:

  • When you disagree with the decision or the procedure of an authority
  • When an authority is inactive – i.e. it has not issued a decision by the set deadline, has not commenced proceedings, etc.
  • When you consider that you should have been a party to proceedings but were not invited
  • When you consider that an authority or official is arrogant to you or behaves inappropriately

The events to which the complaint relates should not be older than one year.

He can’t assist:

  • With decision-making of self-governing municipalities and cities (e.g. in the assignment of municipal flats, disposal of municipal assets, approval of zoning plans, etc.)
  • With the decision-making of courts
  • With distrainment
  • With civil-law matters (e.g. disputes with neighbours, loans, purchase contracts, repayment of debts, etc.)
  • With labour-law matters (conclusion or termination of employment, etc.)
  • With criminal law matters (for example when you disagree with the imposed punishment, commencement/non-commencement of criminal proceedings or the progress of investigation, etc.)
  • When you have objections to a law

Most common authorities and institutions falling within the Defender’s mandate:

  • ministries
  • municipal and regional authorities
  • Czech Social Security Administration
  • social departments of local authorities
  • bodies of social and legal protection of children (BSLPC)
  • building authorities
  • environmental departments
  • public health stations
  • heritage preservation authorities
  • cadastral authorities
  • registry offices
  • labour offices
  • health insurance companies
  • foreign police
  • customs authorities
  • courts (only in cases involving delays in proceedings, inappropriate behaviour of judges, etc., not as regards the decision-making of courts)
  • Police of the Czech Republic (not in criminal proceedings)
  • the Prison Service of the Czech Republic (prisons)
  • facilities where protective or institutional education is exercised
  • the Czech Trade Inspection Authority
  • the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • bodies of state administration of courts (the presiding judge or the deputy presiding judge of a court)
If you are in doubt as to whether the Defender can assist you in your issue, please call the Defender’s hotline: 542 542 888 

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