The Public Defender of Rights
Monitoring of the rights of people with disabilities

Monitoring of the rights of people with disabilities

The Ombudsman safeguards that everyone, regardless the disability could live with dignity, independently or with assistance to decide about their lives and to be respected as a full member of the society.

With the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities on 28. 9. 2009 arose the responsibility to establish independent monitoring body for this Convention. Its aim is to monitor the fulfilment of the rights of people with disabilities within the meaning of Article 33/2 of the Convention.

The Czech Republic fulfilled this responsibility by the amendment n. 198/ 2017 Coll.  of the Law 349/1999 Coll. on the Public Defender of Rights and expanded the Defender´s mandate with the obligation to monitor the rights of persons with disabilities.

In the scope of the mandate as monitoring body the Public Defender is systematically dealing with the theme of rights of the people with disabilities and safeguards its fulfilment. The Defender carries out the research, issues recommendations on this topic and proposes the measures to ensure the protection of the people with disabilities. For this purpose the Defender establishes his Advisory body.

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