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Press Releases 2008

06. 11. 2008

Complaint about the fine for unlawful business activity

Fine for unlawful business activity A complainant requested help with respect to sanction proceedings conducted by the trade licensing office of the Brno Municipal Office. The authority claimed that the complainant was actively...

03. 09. 2008

Ammonia refrigeration in ice hockey stadiums

Ammonia refrigeration in ice hockey stadiums The Defender has long been dealing with the safety risks associated with the operation of facilities where ammonia is used as refrigerant (this involves in particular indoor arenas,...

16. 06. 2008

Removal of children for housing reasons

Removal of children for housing reasons The Defender found serious maladministration in the procedure of the body of social and legal protection of children (ASLPC), both in connection with filing a motion for ordering a...

04. 06. 2008

Procedure of the Ministry of Finance in fixing the maximum price of Visudyne

Procedure of the Ministry of Finance in fixing the maximum price of Visudyne In association with inquiring into an individual complaint pertaining to the amount of patients’ supplementary payment for Visudyne (a medicine), the...

10. 04. 2008

Dispute about the existence of a publicly accessible purpose-built road in a municipality

Dispute about the existence of a publicly accessible purpose-built road in a municipality The Defender opened an inquiry on his own initiative in the matter of a dispute about the existence of a purpose-built road. He ascertained...

26. 03. 2008

Ascertaining the reasons for the death of a child in Great Britain

Ascertaining the reasons for the death of a child in Great Britain An inquiry into the death of a child of a Czech citizen in a hospital in Great Britain was performed on the basis of a complaint from Senator Božena Sekaninová....

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