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Press Releases 2010

08. 12. 2010

Procedure employed by the Police of the Czech Republic in placing detainees in police cells

The Defender dealt with the procedure adopted by the Police of the Czech Republic when detaining a person in accordance with of Law No. 273/2008 Coll., on the Police of the Czech Republic, where the person was then placed in a...

19. 11. 2010

Kyselka Spa – status of a cultural monument

State monument preservation bodies failed to meet their commitments as imposed by the law and their lack of action means that the protected sites in the former spa complex in Kyselka can no longer be saved.In 2010 the Deputy...

13. 10. 2010

Ombudsman unveils shortcomings in police treating detainees

Brno, Oct 13 (CTK) – Certain shortcomings in the way the Czech police treat detained people persist, though the situation has improved since the previous check in 2006, Ombudsman Pavel Varvarovsky told reporters today, adding...

13. 09. 2010

New Czech Ombudsman Varvarovsky sworn-in

(CTK) – The newly elected Czech Ombudsman Pavel Varvarovsky, a former judge of the Constitutional Court, took his oath in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower hosue of parliament, and assumed office today. Varvarovsky, 64, said he...

08. 09. 2010

Mr Pavel Varvarovsky elected new Czech ombudsman

The Czech Chamber of Deputies elected former Constitutional Court judge Pavel Varvarovsky as Public Defender of Rights, ombudsman. He enjoyed support of the coalition parties that command a comfortable majority of votes in the...

12. 05. 2010

Otakar Motejl – justice, democracy and serving the people

In Otakar Motejl we have lost a man whose wisdom and untiring service to others made him a role model to all. In his youth he was a scout, and right up to the very last moments of his life he was a shining example of one who...

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