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Press Releases 2012

14. 12. 2012

To the subject-matter of the noise protection act

Ombdusman stated that by the failure to discuss the subject-matter of the bill sufficiently with the public, its quality, in addition to democratic values, suffered.

12. 12. 2012

Statement regarding a statutory duty to perform community service, challenged at the Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court deleted compulsory community service from the government reform package, agreeing with the ombudsman statement.

21. 11. 2012

Identity of representatives of the public in a courtroom

Establishment of identity of representatives of the public in a courtroom as an incorrect official procedure pursuant to Act No. 82/1999 Coll.

25. 10. 2012

Growing number of complaints

In the 3rd quarter of 2012 the ombudsman received a total of 1,864 complaints, which is up 257 complaints compared to the same period last year. The ombudsman noted an increase in the number of cases in relation to public...

27. 08. 2012

Preparation of a child for contact with a parent following imprisonment

Deputy Ombudsman dealt with a complaint in which a child’s father, who was imprisoned, asked for help regarding the exercise of his parental rights toward his daughter. In the filing he complained that the body for social...

18. 08. 2012

Ombudsman's action to protect public interest

Ombudsman filed the first action to protect public interest against a building permit for a photovoltaic power plant, using his new powers based on an amendment to the Code of Administrative Justice.

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