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Press Releases 2013

20. 12. 2013

Pavel Varvarovsky resigned as Czech ombudsman

Mr Pavel Varvarovsky resigned as Czech Public Defender of Rights. He held the post since 2010 and decided not to present the reasons of his resignation. However, he admitted the reasons do not rest inside the Ombudsman’s...

10. 12. 2013

Shortcoming in providing subsidies from the Green Savings Programme

The Ombudsman informed the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic about shortcoming of the Ministry of Environment and the State Environmental Fund in proving subsidies from the Green Savings Programme. The...

02. 12. 2013

Providing information about misdemeanours of public officers

The Deputy-Ombudsman inquired into the procedure of the Municipal Authority of the City of Ostrava and the Regional Authority of the Moravian and Silesian Region in connection with the failure to provide information about the...

20. 11. 2013

Instant assistance allowance for covering co-payments for medicinal products

The ombudsman dealt with a complaint about the procedure of a labour office which had not awarded an instant assistance allowance for covering co-payments for medicinal products, stating that expenses for medicinal products were...

31. 10. 2013

Financial compensation of a victim of discrimination

Thanks to collaboration of the Ombudsman with Pro bono aliance, a complainant received CZK 80,000 as compensation for discrimination in access to employment on grounds of age.

26. 09. 2013

Admission of a child to a kindergarten "in excess of the maximum capacity"

The Defender had pointed out the problem of only theoretical and solely formal possibility of a child to defend itself against an unlawful decision of a head teacher by appealing such a decision.

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