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Press Releases 2016

15. 12. 2016

Administrative punishment by the Labour Inspectorate

The Ombudsman examined the filing of a complainant who referred to the inconsistent procedure of the District Labour Inspectorate which, on the basis of the complainant’s petition for the inspection of the employer, learned of...

29. 11. 2016

Regulation of advertising in Prague

The Public Defender of Rights (Ombudsman) was approached by a man who complained about the fact that the Capital City of Prague’s advertising regulations include exemptions that confer advantages to Prague in comparison with...

31. 10. 2016

More children turn to Czech ombudsman, offices make mistakes

(CTK) – The Office of Czech Ombudsman Anna Sabatova has received 49 complaints from children this year, her assistant Barbora Kubikova told CTK, adding that the number for the full last year was 51 in the country with a...

10. 10. 2016

Czech police erred during Chinese President's visit

(with CTK) – According to Ombudsman Anna Sabatova, the Czech police acted chaotically and disproportionately during some incidents in the streets of Prague accompanying the March visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The police...

26. 09. 2016

Recommendation to adopt a law concerning persons with disabilities accompanied by a specially trained guide dog

Over the last few years, the Public Defender of Rights received many complaints by persons who were, for instance, not allowed to enter certain buildings or public transport vehicles with their assistance dogs. Some complainants...

01. 09. 2016

Conditions in education

The Defender was approached by a complainant who studied at a higher vocational school in the field of “Nutritional Assistant”. She claimed that during the lessons, the teachers forced her to taste meat dishes, although they knew...

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