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Press Releases 2016

08. 06. 2016

Ombudsman reveals mistakes in children's protection

The Czech Ombudsman's Office has looked into 142 complaints against the bodies for social and legal protection of children (OSPOD) in the past two years and has found mistakes in 77 cases (54 percent).

06. 06. 2016

Age discrimination at work

The Defender was approached by a complainant objecting against the procedure of her employer (a university), who, despite the fact the complainant worked there for twelve years, extended her employment contract for only a single...

27. 05. 2016

Failure to set a favourable rate of disability pension

The ombudsman inquired into the case of a complainant who objected against the rate of disability pension he received on the grounds of his 3rd degree disability (CZK 4,691). The underlying documents clearly showed that the...

18. 05. 2016

Access of sight impaired persons to the “Inspection of the Land Registry” online application

The Deputy-Defender inquired into the conditions under which sight impaired persons are able to use the “Inspection of the Land Registry” online application without entering CAPTCHA codes.

13. 05. 2016

Defender’s main findings in the 1st quarter of 2016

In the past quarter, the Defender examined the legality of the generally binding ordinance of the city of Karlovy Vary concerning gambling.  The City Hall did not by itself specify the places where gambling was to be...

09. 05. 2016

Number of complaints in the 1st quarter of 2016

A total of 2,110 complaints were received in the 1st quarter of 2016, which is 18 less than in the same period last year. The Defender was approached by 1,387 persons in matters falling within my competence under the law, which...

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