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Press Releases 2019

19. 03. 2019

Age discrimination at work

The Defender inquired into a complaint where the complainant alleged that his employer was discriminating against employees because of their age. Allegedly, employees over 65 years of age were being offered less...

04. 03. 2019

Review of school leaving examinations in the Czech Republic will become more transparent

In recent years, the Czech Ombudsman repeatedly warned about shortcomings in the procedure of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter “the Ministry”) in reviewing the results of school-leaving examinations (the “maturita” exam...

25. 02. 2019

Labour inspection in the Czech Republic focused on discriminatory job ads published on an online advertising portal

The Ombudswoman was approached by a lawyer working for the contributory organisation of the city Brno – DROM looking for assistance in the matter of job advertisements considered as discriminatory on grounds of nationality and...

20. 02. 2019

Disabled parking in Brno

Since 2015, the Czech Ombudsman has been dealing with complaints filed by applicants for disabled parking permits in the city of Brno against being denied a permit (“permit for a special use of road” under Czech laws) by a city...

15. 02. 2019

Czech Ombudsman inquiring police intervention in a psychiatric clinic which resulted into the death of the patient

In November 2015, a patient died at the psychiatric clinic in Olomouc during police intervention where a Taser (TASER X26) was used; the police was called in by the medical staff to help restrain the patient who was behaving...

11. 02. 2019

UN Committee Against Torture calling on the Czech Republic to establish the national human rights institution by increasing powers of the Ombudsman

The Czech Republic received the final recommendations of the UN Committee Against Torture (hereinafter the “Committee”) based on the examination of the Sixth Periodic Report of the Czech Republic evaluating the implementation of...

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