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The construction of the Šantovka Tower in Olomouc may not start until the court decides on the case

28. 05. 2020

The Regional Court in Ostrava – Branch Office in Olomouc granted the action against the construction of the Šantovka Tower in Olomouc a suspensive effect. This means that until the final decision is given, the building permit may not be issued, and the construction must not be commenced.

The legal action to protect public interest against the decision of the Olomouc Municipality concerning the placement of the Šantovka Tower was filed by the former Ombudswoman Anna Šabatová. Several laws were violated according the action: The Act on the State Heritage Protection, the Act on Nature and Landscape Protection, the Administrative Code, the Construction Act, as well as the Czech Republic's obligations under the Convention on the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe.

In the reasoning of the decision, the Court notes that the suspensory effect was granted in order to prevent any irreversible actions, since the mere subsequent annulment of the decision on the placement of the construction work may not have any actual impact.

 The ruling on the suspensive effect (in the Czech language) (3 MB, Adobe Acrobat document)

The full text of the legal action (in the Czech language)

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