The Public Defender of Rights
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Office of the Public Defender of Rights

An organizational unit of the State established to carry out expert, organisational and technical tasks linked to the activities of the Defender. The details of organisation and the tasks of the Office are defined in the Statute issued by the Defender.

Costs related to the activities of the Defender and his or her Office are covered under a separate chapter in the State budget.

Organizational structure of the Office

Head or the Office (appointed by the Defender)

Secretariat of the Public Defender of Rights

Legal Division:

  • Department of Building Code and Environment
  • Department of Public Order and Local Administration
  • Department of Social Security
  • Department of Justice, Migration and Finance
  • Department of Family, Healthcare and Labour
  • Department of Supervision over Restriction of Personal Freedom (NPM)
  • Department of Equal Treatment (Equality Body)
  • Department of Supervision over Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
  • Department of Methodology and Analysis

Department of Internal Administration

Department of Administrative and File Service

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