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8024/2014/VOP Report on inquiry in a case of discrimination on grounds of age upon termination of employment by notice (laying off employees).  Report (272.6 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

5325/2015/VOP Report on inquiry concerning the complainant who was serving imprisonment and was assaulted by fellow convicts.  Report (236.7 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

5202/2014/VOP Report on inquiry concerning non-admission of Roma children to elementary school on the grounds of the school’s insufficient capacity.  Report (367.8 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

5178/2015/VOP Report on inquiry into the procedure of a construction authority in handling the request of Mr and Mrs A. to obtain a copy of structural assessment from the file.  Report (182.8 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

3208/2015/VOP Inquiry report in the matter of the procedure of the Regional Authority of the Ústí Region in resolving a complaint pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., Coll., on free access to information, as amended.  Report (204.5 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).  Final statement (191.4 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

2587/2015/VOP Report on inquiry concerning failure to purchase a videophone for a co-operative member with a hearing impairment.  Report (205.3 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

2455/2016/VOP Report on inquiry initiated on the Defender’s own initiative into the procedure of the Police of the Czech Republic in the security operation “China”.  Report (201.8 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).  Final statement (174.7 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

2361/2016/VOP Report on the inquiry into the conditions of protective treatment of Mr. A.A. in Psychiatric Hospital A.  Report (756.5 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

616/2016/VOP Report on inquiry concerning the exercise of social and legal protection of Adéla N., a minor.  Report (268.2 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).  Final statement (213.7 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

173/2013/DIS Report on inquiry concerning ban on wearing headdress (hijab) at a secondary medical school. Report.

134/2013/DIS Report on inquiry concerning workplace bullying motivated by age and sex. Report.

44/2015/DIS Recommendation to the Czech Television concerning accessibility of the main newscast for persons with visual impairment.  Report (236.2 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).

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